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CEF IIeP Project

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IIeP Italian Interoperable eProcurement (action No. 2015-IT-IA-0108) is the project funded by the European Commission for the integration of the Italian centralized certification system - SIMOG with e-Certis and the e-Procurement Central Purchasing Bodies under the European standardisation program.

AgID coordinates a group of Italian public institutions and private partners, ANAC, Consip, Intercent-ER, InVerso which was awarded funding under the CEF Telecom call (CEF-TC-2015-1) for the implementation of the project.

The main result expected from the project is the updating of the Italian SIMOG certification system for the exchange of information regarding the admission criteria, in compliance with the European directives on public procurement 2014/25/EU, 2014/24/EU and 2014/23/EU requiring Member States to gradually adopt e-procurement, with the objective of improving the opportunities for economic operators to participate in procurement procedures throughout the internal market.

SIMOG, which currently acts as a proxy e-Certis for all Italian administrations to national suppliers, would extend its scope:

  • allowing foreign economic operators to participate in Italian tender procedures;
  • allowing Italian contracting authorities to align the admission criteria for tender procedures for all European countries.

The plan for the development of Italian eProcurement systems also includes the integration of SIMOG with TED. By implementing interoperable access to e-Certis, the proposed action will ensure European accessibility, connectivity and interoperability.

This extension will take place through the integration in SIMOG of the Requirements Mapper Framework. The national infrastructure will be connected to the e-Certis platform, implementing a standardised message exchange protocol that ensures secure and reliable data exchange and cross-border interoperability.

The process flow is described below, based on the model that can be downloaded in the relevant section concerning the attached documentation, although the integration of SIMOG with TED is not part of this project.


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