PA Cloud

"Cloud Computing" is a flexible and cost-effective model for the provision of ICT services that allows easier access to configurable and shared resources (physical network, storage and process resources, end-user services and applications) through internet-based technologies.

Thanks to the cloud, it is possible to improve operational efficiency and, at the same time, achieve significant economies of scale for Information Technology costs.

In line with the objectives of the Three-Year Plan for Information Technology in Public Administration, AgID has the task of defining an evolutionary path towards a homogeneous PA Cloud environment from the contractual and technological point of view, to be implemented following data center rationalisation (link to data center page).

To achieve these objectives, AgID has envisaged, among other activities, a specific procedure for the qualification of  SaaS "Software as a Service" solutions as part of the development strategy of the PA Cloud model (link to circular).

At the EU level, there are several references to cloud computing in the strategic documents (Digital Agenda for Europe, EU Cloud Initiative, eGovernment Action Plan 2011 - 2015) and in the main programmes (ISA programme, Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, CIP – ICT PSP programme). This is in addition to the specific document of the European Commission (Communication COM (2012) 529 of 27.9.2012) expressly aimed at making the best use of the cloud computing potential in Europe.

AgID is strongly committed in this context; it participates in both the groups that contribute to the development of European standards in the sector, and specific research projects activated under the FP7: "Cloud for Europe" and "Coco Cloud".