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The Cloud of the Italian Public Administration

The journey to promote the adoption of the PA Cloud of the Italian Public Administration

In line with the Country's Digital Growth Strategy and the Three-Year Plan for IT in the italian Public Administration, the Cloud strategy outlined by AGID provides for a qualification path for public and private entities that intend to provide cloud services to the Public Administration, in compliance of the following principles:

  • improvement of service levels, accessibility, usability and security;
  • interoperability of services within the Cloud model of the Italian Public Administration;
  • reduction of the risk of "vendor lock-in", ie the creation of a relationship of dependence with the service provider;
  • requalification of the offer, expansion and diversification of the supplier market;
  • resilience, scalability, 'reversibility' and data protection;
  • opening of the market to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The adoption of the cloud infrastructure allows, in fact, to improve the operational efficiency of ICT systems, to achieve significant cost reductions, to make software updating simpler and cheaper, to improve data security and protection and to speed up the delivery of services to citizens and businesses.


The cloud strategy outlined by AgID provides for a qualification path for public and private entities that intend to provide Cloud infrastructures and services to the Public Administration, so that the latter can adopt homogeneous cloud computing services and infrastructures, which comply with high standards of security, efficiency and reliability, in line with the provisions of AgID circulars n.2 and n. 3 of 9 April 2018.


Within the Cloud strategy, AGID has defined the "Cloud of the PA" model, which consists of:

  • qualified services: SaaS (software as a service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (Platform as a service)
  • qualified infrastructures: Cloud service provider, Cloud SPC Lot 1, National strategic poles

From 1 April 2019, the Public Administration will be able to acquire only qualified cloud services published in the "Catalog of qualified Cloud services for the PA" (Cloud marketplace AgID).




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AgID Determination n. 459 of 2020 - Circular 2 of 28 October 2020