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Public Connectivity System

The Public Connectivity System (Sistema Pubblico di Connettività - SPC) is the set of technological infrastructures and technical rules that aims to "federate" the ICT infrastructures of public administrations, in order to create integrated services through shared rules and services.

Being composed of a set of technical rules and principles, the Public Connectivity System (PCS) is a national interoperability framework. It defines the preferential procedures that the information systems of public administrations must adopt in order to be mutually interoperable. Interoperability is ensured by rules and, above all, by a set of interoperability, cooperation and access services that are part of the PCS shared national infrastructures.

The Public Connectivity System also defines both the enterprise architecture of the Italian PA (i.e. the reference system for linking inter-administrative operational processes with supporting information systems) and the ancillary activities of coordination and governance.