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Accessibility refers to the ability of IT systems to provide services and provide usable information, without discrimination, even by those who, due to disabilities, require assistive technologies or particular configurations.

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AgID promotes and favours the dissemination of the accessibility of IT tools within the public administration and private individuals.

The reference standard for digital accessibility is Law no. 4 of 9 January 2004, which assigned the Agency numerous tasks, including:

  • supervise the implementation of the accessibility law;
  • provide assistance to the Public Administration for the application of current legislation;
  • issue technical rules, circulars and guidelines on the accessibility of IT tools;
  • monitor the websites and mobile applications of the Public Administration;
  • periodically report to the European Commission on the monitoring results;
  • verify the accessibility of digital services provided to the public by private individuals with an average turnover in the last three years of more than 500 million euros and sanction if unresolved violations are found;
  • disseminate accessibility topics inside the Public Administration.


Web accessibility directive (WAD)

In implementation of the EU Directive 2016/2102, AgID has issued the Guidelines on the Accessibility of IT tools, in force since 10 January 2020, which direct the Public Administration to provide increasingly accessible services.

Administrations are obliged to publish the Accessibility Statement which certifies the compliance status of each site and mobile application with the accessibility requirements.

What public administrations must do

  • By March 31 of each year, publish the accessibility objectives for the current year and the state of implementation of the plan for the use of teleworking.
  • By 23 September of each year, carry out a complete analysis of the websites and fill in the accessibility declaration on, providing the feedback mechanism and the access link to the implementation procedure in the accessibility declaration.