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Rationalisation of ICT assets

Harmonisation of Public Administration Data Centers (DC) is an opportunity to be seized.

The Three-Year Plan for Information Technology in Public Administration entrusts AgID with the task of defining the Plan for Rationalisation of ICT Resources in Public Administration, that is, defining the rules to consolidate PA digital infrastructures, in order to achieve greater levels of efficiency, security and speed in the provision of services to citizens and businesses.

The results of both the first census conducted in 2013 and the survey carried out in 2016 by AgID, highlighted  the importance of rationalising physical infrastructures, also from an economic point of view, as well as defining an evolutionary path to accompany PAs towards an efficient and flexible use of ICT technologies.

This process envisages two activities:

  • rationalisation of PA data centres and consolidation of data centres that are less efficient  in selected centres; (link to rationalisation)
  • analysis and definition of the PA cloud strategic evolutionary model, to be implemented following the rationalisation described in the previous point (link to cloud page).