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Usability measures the level of users' satisfaction when they interact with a website or an app. The user experience will be much positive as the design will be close to the users' expectations when they interact with the system.

Usability aims to create a familiar environment for the users, giving many advantages:  

  • allowing users to find and understand the information in a simpler and more intuitive way;
  • facilitating the content learning and memorization;
  • reducing costs and development errors;
  • making the user more autonomous and secure when he relates with the system.

Usability Tests 

Tests are a fundamental tool for improving usability and consist in the users' observation when they interact with the digital service. Agid promotes the culture of usability through the Design Guidelines for the public administrations' digital services and through the document Three-Year Plan for IT administrations' development.

The administrations, in the implementation of the Three Year Plan, communicate the results of their usability tests using the platform.

The government usability test kit and information on how to conduct a usability test are available on Designers italia.