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National Register of the Resident Population



The National Register of the Resident Population (ANPR) is the national database in which the municipal registry offices will gradually converge. 

ANPR is an integrated system that allows municipalities to carry out registry services,consult or extract data, monitor activities and generate statistics. With ANPR, the administrations and service providers will be able to have a single, reliable source for citizens' data.

As of 10 January 2018, 41 Municipalities were migrated onto the ANPR  register for a resident population of 1,035,030 people. 989 Municipalities are currently in the pre-deployment phase.

ANPR, by aligning place name data, allows implementation of the National register of street numbers and urban streets (ANNCSU), which is necessary to complete the Land Registry reform.

Regulatory references 

Amendments to Art. 62 of the Digital Administration Code envisaged that ANPR will contain, in addition to registry data, the national digital archive of the civil status registers and the data of the military service lists. Moreover, ANPR will provide Municipalities with a data, service and transactions exchange and management system that will help municipalities perform their institutional activities.

To allow the implementation of ANPR, the following decrees were issued:

  • Prime Ministerial Decree no. 109 of 23 August 2013 with the ANPR operating procedures;
  • Prime Ministerial Decree no. 194 of 10 November 2014:
    • deployment procedures
    • fields related to the data contained in ANPR
    • security measures
    • services made available to Municipalities

The new Resident Population Registry Regulation has been in force since August 18th 2015.  


Participants: the Ministry of the Interior, AgID, ISTAT - the Italian National Institute of Statistics, the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI) representing Italian Municipalities, the Interregional Centre for Information, Geographical and Statistical Systems (CISIS) representing the Regions and SOGEI as a technological partner.

Subjects involved in the project: the trade associations of ICT demographic service  providers, the National Association of Registrars (ANUSCA), PAs interested in using ANPR data (such as the Revenue Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, INPS-National Institute of Social Security, INAIL-  National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work and the Motor Vehicles Agency.   In August 2017 was appointed a Program Officer, who coordinates the technical activity plan under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior.