Website accessibility

AgID promotes website accessibility in relation to Law 4/2004

Ultimo aggiornamento

By accessibility is meant the capacity of IT systems, to the extent permitted  by our technological knowledge, to deliver services and provide information which can be used, without discrimination, also by individuals with disabilities  who need assistive technologies or special configurations” (art. 2(a) Law 4/2004). The websites of public administrations must comply with the technical accessibility requirements specified in Annex A of the Ministerial Decree of 8 July 2005, as amended.

In relation to the provisions of current legislation, AgID is responsible for:

  • monitoring the websites of the public administrations and providing assistance to meet the law requirements.
  • preparing self-assessment models for the purpose of drafting the Accessibility objectives that public administrations are required to publish by 31 March of each year
  • managing inaccessibility reports and activating the envisaged procedures
  • managing the accessibility assessor list
  • granting the accessibility logo to administrations requesting the Accessibility logo
  • defining and publishing the Workstation technical specifications for employees with disabilities
  • training public administration on accessibility issues.

It actively participates in the following activities:

  • National Observatory on Disability (NOD) of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies
  • CEN, UNI and UNINFO standards bodies