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Published the 2024-2026 Three-Year Plan for Information Technology in Public Administration


New features include the first guidance on Artificial Intelligence in public administration, with best practices and examples, and a section providing ready-to-use operational tools.

The Agency for Digital Italy has published the Three-Year Plan for Information Technology in Public Administration 2024-2026, the strategic planning document for the public sector resulting from the consultation process of administrations and institutional stakeholders.


In fact, the new Plan has been extensively discussed with universities, the research community and the business sector, incorporating the presented suggestions, with the aim of making the drafting and implementation process more open and participatory. 


It contains all the information and actions to be implemented by public administrations and companies to support the development of the country's digital maturity over the next three years.


"The new Three-Year Plan for Information Technology in Public Administration represents a fundamental step towards the digital transformation of our country," underscored the Undersecretary for Technological Innovation and Digitization, Alessio Butti. “It is a strategic tool that guides the digital evolution of public administration and defines clear objectives and expected results. It focuses on the effectiveness of administrative action and ensures that every aspect of digitization is geared toward improving public services and achieving a more efficient and accessible system for all citizens."


What's New

The new edition of the Plan features not only an increased focus on governance aspects, but also a strong approach to digital services, which must be interoperable, user-friendly, and more accessible. In particular, the new plan expands the digital strategy by updating the guiding principles. The contents are aligned with the goals of the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), and more attention is paid to the issue of monitoring, with indicators being revised to make them increasingly meaningful in relation to their impact.


In addition, the Plan addresses for the first time the topic of Artificial Intelligence, providing guidance and general principles for administrations to adopt, taking into account a rapidly changing scenario.


"For some of the most cutting-edge administrations, Artificial Intelligence is already a reality"- said the Director General of the Digital Italy Agency, Mario Nobile. - In the new Three-Year Plan, we wanted to build on these experiences, making them available to the other 23,000 administrations, along with directions and best practices to follow."


Finally, an important new feature is the introduction of an entire section containing various operational tools that administrations can take as reference, such as supporting templates, examples of best practices, or checklists for planning interventions.


The new edition of the Plan is available on the dedicated website and on the institutional website of the Digital Italy Agency. In order to provide a more detailed overview of some key issues, a dedicated space with further insights will also be launched soon.