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Italy Launches National Digital Domicile Index (INAD)


Citizens Can Now Elect Their Digital Domicile for Official Communications

Italian citizens can now choose their own digital domicile and receive all official communications from the Public Administration at a designated certified e-mail (known as Posta elettronica certificata in Italy, or PEC in short). Starting July 6th, they will also have the opportunity to consult this digital domicile.


The platform is the result of a collaborative effort between AgID (Agency for Digital Italy), the Department for Digital Transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and Infocamere, the digital innovation company of the Chambers of Commerce.


To elect your digital domicile, you need to access the portal at and register for the service using the Public Digital Identity System (SPID), Electronic Identity Card (CIE), or National Services Card (CNS). Once registration is complete, the system will ask you to enter your chosen PEC address.


"This is an important step forward. The digital domicile, together with the Notification Platform, marks a significant step towards the digitalization of the country and the simplification of relationships between citizens, businesses, and the Public Administration. Through the digital domicile, citizens, professionals, and companies will be able to benefit from a simple and immediate channel to receive official communications from the Public Administration, with significant savings in time and costs," says the Undersecretary of State for Technological Innovation, Alessio Butti.


Starting from July 6th 2023, Public Administrations will use the citizen’s digital domicile, if available in the system, for all communications with legal implications. Furthermore, from the same date, anyone can freely consult the public area of the site, without authentication, by typing the tax number of the person whose digital domicile they wish to know.


This new initiative offers several advantages to citizens and the government. With INAD, all communications from the public Administration with legal value, such as tax refunds and deductions tax, assessments, administrative penalty reports, and so on, are sent directly to the mailbox indicated by the citizen, who can independently manage their own digital domicile. This streamlines the process, eliminates delays, and reduces costs associated with traditional postal services and paper consumption.