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Emerging Technologies in the PA: focus on impacts and benefits of the meeting of the OECD E-leaders


Adoption and development of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, by the OECD Countries: this is the central theme of the OECD meeting, during which the report "State of Art on Emerging Technologies in the Public Sector" was presented by the Thematic Group led by AGID

What is the current stage of the OECD countries in adoption and development of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain? What are the challenges and opportunities related to their use within the public administration?

These themes were discussed today in Seoul at the meeting of the E-leader Working Group of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), in which AGID also took part.


Discussion topics: the disruptive impacts of new technologies, the importance of correct data management, considered as the real engine of Artificial Intelligence (IA), the legal context, the contribution that new technologies can make to the development of services increasingly focused on the real needs of citizens.

The working day was also an opportunity to present the report "State of the Art on Emerging Technologies in the Public Sector", produced by the OECD Thematic Group and led by AGID.


The document provides an in-depth mapping and analysis of the first strategies, investments and best practices implemented by the OECD States to promote the use of AI and Blockchain in the public administration, examining the policies of 19 member countries and the European Commission.


The aim of the report is to provide a cognitive support and an analysis tool to governments, as well as outline future prospects, current criticalities and benefits related to the use of these emerging technologies in the public administration, which, if managed through appropriate policies, can significantly improve the quality of public services and the relationship between the state and citizens.


The Agency for Digital Italy coordinates the Thematic Group that is composed by Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Korea, Estonia, Finland, Mexico, New Zealand, Holland, Panama, Portugal, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Uruguay and the European Commission.




OECD E-Leaders 2018 Seoul Meeting