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Administrative Procedure Management System

Document management of administrative procedures ensures the correct administration of documents from production to storage.

The digitization of administrative procedures facilitates new ways of communication and interaction with citizens and businesses through the provision of services and the creation of a single point of access.

Document management systems facilitate:

  • Availability of documentation related to administrative proceedings - Electronic document
  • Automation of the protocol logging of incoming and outgoing documents and assignment to organisational units - Document and protocol flows 
  • Automation of the classification, collation and metadata definition (basic and specific information by document type) processes
  • Dematerialization of the document flow processing - Dematerialization 
  • Definition of the storage process of electronic document, electronic file, archives and copies

For the implementation of the national Administrative Procedure Management System AgID set the document flows interoperability rules to be implemented by Public Administrations to adhere to the system. 

Administrations implement the APIs (application programming interfaces) for participating in the Administrative Procedure Management System. AgID is updating the reference model, the functional architecture and the functional, non-functional and design requirements of the Public Administration Administrative Procedure Management System and promoting the implementation of a logical network of storage hubs, as well as the definition of the related technical rules of the APMS currently being prepared with the contribution of central, regional and local administrations.