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Storage is the activity aimed at protecting and keeping archives of electronic documents and data over time.

The storage system, as foreseen by the Art. 44 of the DAC, guarantees authenticity, integrity, reliability, readability and availability of electronic documents.

The Agency for Digital Italy defines the operating procedures for carrying out the storage activity, namely:

  • nature and function of the system
  • organisational models
  • roles and functions of the parties involved
  • description of the storage process
  • professional profiles of the managers involved in the storage process.

Public Administrations are required to store all documents related to administrative proceedings. Also the daily protocol log, starting from 11 October 2015, based on Article 7(5) of the Technical Rules for the IT Protocol, must be sent for storage within the next working day. In this regard, Instructions for the production and storage of the daily protocol log are available.

Public and private entities that carry out activities for the storage of electronic documents and which intend to become accredited must submit the accreditation application to the Agency for Digital Italy.