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Web Analytics Italia

Web Analytics Italia is a national platform for public administrations to gather and analyze data on how users interact with their digital services.

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What is it Web Analytics Italia

Web Analytics Italia (WAI) has three main features:

  • a system based on the software Matomo;
  • a front-end that let the administrations manage the login and users' permission to access the data;
  • a set di API to access data from the third parties.

With WAI the administrations can:

  • standardize data collection;
  • have simplified access to statistics on the traffic and users' behaviour;
  • use tools to facilitate the understanding of data and how to use it for optimizing the user experience.

The WAI home page shows some of the data relate to the use of digital services in Italy.

WAI advantages

The main benefits of using Matomo for the government sector are:

  • ownership of the data and its total control;
  • the absence of technological lock-in;
  • the high modularity and customization of the platform;
  • the absence of sampling.