Obtaining a "gov.it" domain

The Directive no. 8/2009 establishes that Public Administrations are required to use the ".gov.it" domain.

AgID published an online procedure to perform the following operations:

  • Obtaining the ".gov.it" domain

  • Change of domain data

  • Change of domain references

  • Domain deletion

  1. the e-mail addresses of both the technical and the administrative contact person that are indicated at the moment of registration to the “.gov.it” domain, must necessarily coincide with the certified e-mail address of the requesting administration included in the Public Administration Index (IPA);
  2. the same procedure is foreseen for all administrations that have already registered the ".gov.it" domain; they must update the address of the administrative and technical contact person with the certified e-mail address listed in the IPA;
  3. the documentation must be only and exclusively addressed to: dominiogov@pcert.agid.gov.it, as highlighted in the email that accompanies the attachment;
  4. any request for assistance or information related to a registration must be addressed exclusively to: dominiogov@pcert.agid.gov.it.