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International activities

AgID's international relations aim to support the Government in defining and applying digital regulations and policies, ensuring consistency between the Italian and European digital agenda and finding new direct and indirect funding.

Digital Policies

The Agency participates in many consultation groups set up by EU Institutions, in particular by the European Commission, which contribute to the definition and management of programmes and other European initiatives.

European legislative process

AgID actively participates in the coordination activities carried out by the European Policies Department, providing technical-regulatory contributions in the areas of its expertise for the definition of new directives and regulations.

European projects and funds

AgID is involved both in directly and indirectly managed EU funds and programmes. Agid participation in direct EU programmes, such as Horizon2020, ISA², CEF Telecom, is aimed at  seizing the public-private partnership opportunities in the areas of greatest interest. Moreover, the Agency takes part in the Italia Login project, funded under the GNOP Governance (National Operational Program) 2014-2020, an indirectly managed European programme. The project has the objective of strengthening the institutional capacity of Public Administrations.

International initiatives

At the international level, AgID organises bilateral meetings and with governmental and international institutions (OECD, UN and World Economic Forum) to promote the exchange of good practices and to communicate progress on the digital growth strategy. In addition, AgID participates in the debate on Internet Governance, aimed at defining a set of principles, rules and procedures for the functioning of the Internet.