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Public Administration digitalization: more than 30 interventions implemented by AgID as part of the "Italia Login" project


The closing event of the project, held in October at the Ara Pacis Museum in Rome, saw the participation of several institutional representatives and experts discussing upcoming digital challenges.

New platforms, new digital services, improved interoperability of systems, training for Digital Transition Managers, increased accessibility, and usability of services—these are some of the main achievements of the "Italy Login - The Citizen's Home" project by AgID. This initiative, aimed at guiding and supporting Public Administrations (PAs) through the digital transition, has yielded over 30 interventions, highlighting the agency's commitment to enhancing digital services and embracing modernization.


Many institutional representatives and experts, who have been part of the project, attended the closing event, held on October 3, 2023 at the Ara Pacis Museum in Rome, engaging in discussions about the future challenges of public administration digitalization.


"With the Italia Login project, the Agency for Digital Italy has played a leading role in significant digital transformation initiatives involving numerous entities, working in a crucial synergy to achieve the goals of the Italian and European digital agenda," stressed Mario Nobile, AgID Director General. "Today's meeting represented an opportunity to analyze what has been accomplished so far and to embrace new future challenges, such as artificial intelligence, for a modern and increasingly efficient Public Administration."


The “Italia Login” project is funded as part of the 2014-2020 PON Governance and Institutional Capacity, resulting from an agreement between the Department of Public Function and the Agency for Digital Italy, with multi-fund support from the European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). With a total allocation of 50 million euros, the project involved approximately 22,000 entities, including central and local public administrations.


Achievements – During the conference, AgID presented more than 30 services, platforms and outputs implemented within the project, exceeding all the targets set by the program.


Among the digital sites and platforms launched in recent years are “Web Analytics Italy” (WAI), which provides real-time statistics on visitors to Public Administration websites and “Appalti Innovativi”, a portal designed to facilitate the connection between demand and supply for innovative solutions. Other portals include “Rete Digitale”, a community dedicated to Digital Transition Managers (DTMs), and “Indice PA”, a freely accessible database containing references for communicating with over 22,000 registered Public Administrations and Public Service Managers.


In its coordinating role, the Agency for Digital Italy has also developed various tools to support public administrations and providers, including guidelines and operational kits for developing websites and web services, or tools for assessing the vulnerability of information systems, used by more than a thousand administrations. The agency also produced reports monitoring trends in ICT spending in public administration, with a focus on the healthcare sector. Moreover, in 2018 AGID created the first white paper on artificial intelligence, with recommendations on how to best leverage AI opportunities to develop citizen-centric public services. Finally, recognizing the importance of digital literacy, AgID conducted over a hundred webinars between 2021 and 2023, engaging approximately 28,000 public sector employees in digital training activities.


The “Italia Login” project shows AgID's commitment to promoting the digital transformation of the public administration. As Italy navigates a changing digital landscape, these results underscore the importance of collaborative efforts and proactive initiatives to build a modern, efficient and citizen-centric public sector.